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I count myself as fortunate to have walked a life journey over the last 15 years that has not only led me to my passion and calling, but also enabled me to impact positively on the lives of many people and families!

I first became interested in real estate as a means for personal wealth creation, after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. I became an agent to learn about the real estate industry and property and it has become a rewarding career. The journey of living on varying levels of income coming in and learning how to navigate that has birthed in me a desire to coach people in the area of their “money stuff”. I firmly believe that to help others in a specific sphere, you need to have walked a path of learning in that area, and come out the other side victorious. Working from experience lends weight and understanding that is crucial in assisting others reach their own victory.

My Story

 Through various life circumstances, I found myself deep in debt and in a vicious cycle of financial fear and lack. Working in a variable income industry like real estate did not help. Although I was hugely successful at my job and loved being an Estate Agent, my financial challenges encroached on every aspect of my life and my family. I just couldn’t seem to break free from the cycle of feast and famine.

When I eventually sought help, to physically combat debt, and to emotionally and spiritually identify why I was making bad financial decisions, I had an enormous breakthrough that allowed me to change my behaviour, rectify thought patterns and beliefs that I held about money, and ultimately be set free from debt! This process awakened a deep desire to see others have the same freedom I am now experiencing.

So now I am a well know and very successful Real Estate Agent, dedicated to each client I serve, and I take joy in the fulfillment of my clients’ property dreams. Added to that, I coach individuals on how to find financial freedom and change beliefs and habits associated with poor financial decision making. My coaching clients are often those with variable income streams where the financial juggle is the most challenging, and financial planning and wisdom are essential.

 I am so excited at the prospect of working with you, whether it be to buy your dream house, or sell your home and move on to the next big adventure, be set free from debt and financial stress, or resolve a property dispute as amicably as possible – I want to be part of it!

Let’s work together and to make your life a richer, fuller and more enjoyable experience!

My Services


With over 15 years of experience in real estate in the upper Highway, I am a consistent top performer and aim to serve each of my clients with professional care.


Financial freedom is a goal we can all  achieve with the right guidance, direction and knowledge. Let me help you to make this a reality through coaching, and let’s journey together!

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